Ongoing Support: Tailored Well-being Packages

Statistics demonstrate that ongoing support decreases absenteeism by 27% and enhances workplace satisfaction.


Synopsis: Our ongoing support services offer continuous, personalised assistance. This includes confidential one-on-one sessions, emergency support and expert guidance to enhance well-being and productivity.



Timings: Monthly recap session with senior members of staff, as well up to four 60-minute sessions for teams or individuals..





 Enhanced engagement: boost morale, reduce absenteeism, and foster higher employee engagement.

  • Issue identification: receive insightful reporting to identify organisational health risks and inform well-being strategies.

  • Confidential counselling: empower employees with remote or in-person therapy sessions and specialised techniques.


Working with Leaders

In leadership, the path can often feel isolating for managers. The demand to project unwavering strength and control leaves little room for vulnerability. The crucial need for a confidant, a sounding board, or someone to coach the coach becomes apparent.

With years of expertise cultivated in the dynamic environment of Premier League football, Roberto Forzoni offers a wealth of experience to leaders at all levels. Specializing in providing a supportive and insightful space, Roberto excels in guiding and empowering leaders. Whether crafting presentations for high-stakes roles, such as the England and Wales National Team manager, preparing for pivotal interviews, or fostering a mindset conducive to optimal performance, Roberto is dedicated to facilitating growth.

His proficiency extends beyond the professional realm, encompassing the intricacies of personal presentation and delivery styles, enhancing communication, and fostering meaningful dialogues within teams. Navigating the challenges of today's high-pressure landscape requires a delicate balance, and Roberto Forzoni is here to assist in achieving life, business, and relationship goals.

Welcome to Roberto Forzoni Performance Psychology & Sport Psychology, where since 2017, Roberto has been committed to supporting leaders on their journey towards success. Collaborate with him to navigate the complexities of leadership and well-being.