Murray Out To Show British Are Not All Retiring Types

27th August 2007: The Times Andy Murray has visited Roberto Forzoni, an Italian sports psychologist The search for positives in British tennis has been repeatedly frustrated in the past few days here. There have been three retirements — Tim Henman’s career-ending announcement and two more in the qualifying competition, with Alex Bogdanovic and Anne Keothavong unable to stay the course. …

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Sports Psychology: Be Creative

Elite professional sport is now so competitive that few elite athletes can afford to ignore the psychological skills and techniques required to enhance mental toughness. Recent research has seen some creative approaches to developing psychological skills, such as listening to carefully selected music and watching personal motivational videos. Andy Lane evaluates these new techniques, explains how they can be assessed …

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The most important organ..

He’s a member of the Magic Circle, a one-time interpreter to England manager Fabio Capello and a former pirate radio DJ – so it’s not a total shock that understanding the mind appeals to Roberto Forzoni.