Season 2001/2 and 2002/3

When Steve Coppell took over as Brentford manager at the start of the 2001/2 season, he asked Roberto to come to the club as first-team coach and reserve team manager. This proved a real success, as the team saw a young side almost clinch promotion on the season's final day, only to see a home 1-1 draw against Reading, which put Alan Pardew's Royals into automatic promotion. Brentford, meanwhile, had to go through the play-offs only to get beaten at the Millennium Stadium by Stoke City



Major Achievements:

Reaching the Play-Off Final at Millenium Stadium
Increasing points stats from 47% (Season 2000/2001) to 60% (Season 2001/2002)


2001/2 Play 0ff FInal 2001





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The team included Paul Smith (Nottingham Forest), Gavin Mahon (Watford), Ivar IngimarssonSteve Sidwell, Stephen Hunt and Ibrahima Sonko (Reading)

The reserves, incidentally, had their best season in 70 years.  A highlight was that every sub was used for at least 20 minutes during the season, and the team developed true flexibility in formations, having tried every strategy possible at one stage or another!