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A Triumph of Resilience at West Ham United

Embarking on a journey with West Ham United from 2005/6 to 2007/8, Roberto played a pivotal role in transforming the club's fortunes. Invited by both Alan Pardew and Alan Curbishley, Roberto's expertise became instrumental in developing mental resilience and elevating performances during three remarkable seasons.

Season 2005/6 Crafting the Blueprint for Success

In the inaugural season under Roberto's guidance, Alan Pardew sought his expertise to fortify the first-team squad's mindset. Roberto's multifaceted role encompassed inspiring team talks, creating motivational videos, and co-authoring the West Ham United 'Blueprint.' This strategic document, later embraced by manager Alan Pardew in his future endeavours, set the tone for the club's philosophy. The following achievements included reaching the initial target of 40 points by January 2006, a notable FA Cup Final appearance, and UEFA Cup qualification.

Season 2007/8 Sustaining Excellence and Achieving the Unthinkable

Invited to continue his consultancy for the 2007/8 season, Roberto P's influence remained pivotal. West

Season 2006/7: Defying the Odds and Uniting for Triumph

Facing the imminent threat of relegation in the 2006/7 season, players urged new manager Alan Curbishley, familiar with Roberto from their time at Charlton Athletic, to bring him in again. Following strategic discussions and consequential changes, the team showcased unparalleled mental toughness during a remarkable run of seven wins in the final nine games. Noteworthy among these victories was the first-ever win at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium and a dramatic triumph at Old Trafford against Champions Manchester United, completing a unique home-and-away victory against Manchester United and Arsenal in the same season.

Season 2007/8 Sustaining Excellence and Achieving the Unthinkable

Invited to continue his consultancy for the 2007/8 season, Roberto P's influence remained pivotal. West Ham carried forward the fine form from the previous season, culminating in a 10th position finish. The season was marked by an extraordinary turnaround, with a remarkable 78% return of points compared to a mere 23% in the first 29 games. Only Manchester United matched this consistent form throughout the season.

The Three Pillars of Success: Players, Staff, and Fans

Attributing the remarkable turnaround to three key areas – players, staff, and fans – Roberto emphasised the professionalism of the players and staff. The management, led by Alan Curbishley and assistant Mervyn Day, worked relentlessly to optimise training and minimise distractions. The unwavering support from the fans, described as 'first-class' from the Tottenham game to the season's final day, played a crucial role in creating a tremendous atmosphere.


Leadership and Squad Depth:

The team's spine and leaders showcased their strong leadership qualities, including Rob Green, Anton Ferdinand, James Collins, Nigel Reo-Coker, Mark Noble, Bobby Zamora, and 'Carlitos' Tevez. The squad's depth was evident as players not regularly involved, like Teddy Sheringham and Paul Konchesky, contributed their support before and after matches.

In conclusion, Roberto P's time at West Ham United is a testament to the transformative power of mental resilience, strategic guidance, and unified efforts across players, staff, and fans. The remarkable achievements and enduring impact of this period are etched in the history of West Ham United.

Andy Murray