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Building Mental Resilience

Lessons from the US Navy Seals

This practical, hands-on programme has been designed to help players/staff understand and use key concepts in developing mental resilience and mental toughness – crucial elements in the pursuit of excellence and sporting success.
The programme incorporates many relevant psychological principles and strategies, including a review of the US Marines Mental Toughness components that will help your players/staff deliver under pressure.
The programme covers topics such as building confidence, dealing with pressure and generally helping players understand and the benefits of training in this area.

Key Outcomes

  • An enhanced understanding and use of evidence-based psychological principles to help players/staff in pursuit of their potential.
  • Improve players’ / staff able to make good decisions under pressure
  • Develop more mental-resilience in players/staff and in turn helping to reduce the occurrence of negative mental health issues and addictive behaviours.