Jeanette Kwakye

Hi, I‘m Roberto Forzoni, Welcome to Inspiring minds, part of the MYND set of programmes and the fourth episode in this new series. 

the goal of the podcast is to share some inspiration by speaking with some of the most influential people I have had the pleasure of knowing, working or collaborating with in some capacity. 

My guest today is a real inspiration.

An Olympian, author, Journalist, ambassador, and broadcaster, and most importantly a mum of two wonderful children,

I started working with her in the mid-2000s and at the start of the podcast I explain why she inspired me right from the sort….and she continues to inspire millions with her current work….

If yu think the start of these podcasts is a little stiff, at the end of today’s I have added the first part of the podcast when we try and get the tech right – this part always makes me smile and worry at the same time so I thought I’d share a part of that….remember it’s right at the end!

I am so pleased to introduce  the wonderful and kind

Jeanetta Kwayke