Feltham Young Offenders Establishment

Following a visit to Feltham Young Offenders Establishment to coach and make a presentation to inmates, many of the young men attending the sessions offered this feedback:

Herty, 19, Possession of drugs. “I enjoyed the session as they showed how different skills and techniques were performed. They also gave a presentation about one of the coach’s previous experiences with a professional team and it made me think about my own life and making the right decisions.”

Freya, 19, Conspiracy to supply drugs. “I really enjoyed the session, I learnt a lot about passing and defending and how to deliver a coaching session. I have never considered the Psychology side of the game before and it was a really interesting thing to learn about; thank You.”

Daniel, 20, GBH. “This session was well organised and delivered well, it has motivated me, even more, to become a coach in my local community when I get out and make a difference to the kids on my estate as they all love football, and I can coach them and keep them away from prison.”

Nathan, 20, Conspiracy to supply drugs. “Charlton’s activities were very good and technical. I feel I can take a lot from their sessions and use certain skills in future coaching sessions.”

Liam, 19, Robbery. “I enjoyed the session, learning how academy sessions can be run and then also the psychological side was very interesting.

Daniel, 20, Theft. “I enjoyed the football lesson we had with Charlton because it was fun and also hard-working, which is good. Some of the drills we did before, but they showed them easier and also made them more advanced when everyone in the group got the hang of it. I will definitely use these drills if I become a football coach 100% because they were intense but enjoyable. The two coaches, Nick and Roberto were really friendly and have made me think about what I want to do with my life and stop wasting time in prison.”

Ryan, 19, Theft. “Found this session very tactical and took away a lot of things from it, very enable and well prepared.

Matthew, 18, Robbery. “I am due for release soon and everything Nick and Roberto taught us has motivated me more to take this opportunity on the Football Changes Lives course and make it work for me, I am linked with Millwall FC and will make a success of myself, Thanks.”

David, 19, Offensive Weapon. “I’m not very good at Football but enjoyed the Psychology session, Roberto made it interesting and he also linked it with the community, I can see how to use certain skills when I get out so that I don’t get into trouble anymore, I’m never coming back to prison.”

Sean, 20, Burglary. “Although I was injured and did not take part, I saw some really good teaching and the good steps to becoming a good coach and also improving as a player.”