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“Roberto mentored Team Caterpillar towards breaking the World Record for the most amount of people to run a linked marathon in April 2010. As a team of amateur sports men and women we had perhaps underestimated the importance of the strength of the mind within a challenge like this. Roberto introduced dynamic, fun and interesting methods of preparing our minds and bodies for our big day. Without the impetus and self belief he encouraged in our team we would not have made it across the finish line as World Record Breakers”

Philip Nevin

“Thank you for all your help Roberto. Great to meet you. I enjoyed every minute of the marathon and I realise that was as much to do with my mental state then my physical. I really felt like I could have gone on and on. I didn’t stop smiling from start to finish. Also, thank you for all the jelly babies on the day!”Phenomenal magic! You had us all captivated”

Camilla xx