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Roberto Forzoni is a unique presenter and speaker with the rare ability to genuinely inspire audiences, leaving individuals and organisations with practical strategies for change.
A new interactive keynote workshop that explores the science of winning.
This 60-minute session explores the components of success that are under our influence and control. Taking examples from the world of high-level sport, Roberto shares experiences that have contributed to some of the most successful achievements with a wide range of performers. Leading to Grand Slam wins, Olympic success and medals at major tournaments
Whilst being evidence-based, the session is highly informative and entertaining and you will also experience what performers can learn from the word of magic.
This session will help you answer three key questions:
• How do you get your staff, team or players performing better?
• How does language influences performance?
• What are the three best strategies that will help you achieve your goals
Key outcome
The key outcome of this presentation will be to offer players at the club some very specific strategies that will assist in raising the bar and help the organisation achieve more than they thought possible


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