The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

How to gain a competitive edge

A 45-minute keynote

Building on the success of my presentation on the Laws of Effective Teamwork, I am excited to introduce a new and compelling addition to my repertoire.

Introducing "The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team: Unveiling the Path to High-Performing Excellence." This thought-provoking talk serves as a perfect companion to my previous presentation. Drawing from a proven and extensively tested model, it provides organizations with a practical framework for nurturing high-performing teams. My own hands-on involvement with six Premier League Teams, coupled with my experiences in assembling Team Murray, have enriched my perspective, enabling me to deliver a truly engaging and informative session.

In this session, I delve into the core principles that contribute to both the success and shortcomings of a team. I shed light on the obstacles that often hinder teams from reaching their full potential, offering actionable insights that leadership teams and employees can readily implement to enhance their collaborative dynamics. By addressing these dysfunctions head-on, organizations can expect to witness remarkable improvements in their team's efficiency and overall effectiveness.

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The Laws of Effective Teamwork

A 45-minute keynote

Whatever we do, we rely on others to help with our success. This is clear when we look at a team sport, but how does this transfer to individual sports and business?

In this talk, Roberto shares experiences of working with some of the world’s top performers and teams. How does a team with an average point return of 23% of a season transform that to a 78% points return? How does a performer in an individual sport become successful after a team is built around him?

In this fascinating and insightful talk, Roberto will share insights into how these transformations occurred and other intriguing stories of his ongoing work in sports and businesses, demonstrating how we can all learn massive lessons from successful examples in elite-level sports. 

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How an evidenced-based approach can help you feel better and perform better

A 45-minute keynote

In this insightful and informative talk, Roberto shares the science behind his hugely successful methods.

Roberto takes you on a journey from rock bottom to leading the world by looking at a three-tier approach – the therapeutic delivery style, the theories, and the application.

Sharing personal experiences from the world of sport, including:

  • How the bad boy of British Judo became a World champion, How a tennis star was ready to give up on dominating world tennis, and 
  • How a Premier League team turned their season around against every odd against them
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