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Images of Roberto

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Intro Script

Prepare for a riveting experience as our next speaker enters the spotlight! He brings a wealth of extraordinary expertise with a remarkable career spanning over 25 years as a performance psychologist.

What sets him apart is his extensive experience with seven Premier League football teams and his work with a dazzling array of World and Olympic Champions across various sports. From the intense world of the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship, helping Derek Chisora, to the finesse of Tennis Grand Slam winner and Olympian Andy Murray, he's been a guiding force behind champions at the pinnacle of their game. 

He serves as a consultant with The BBC, gracing both TV and Radio with his expert insights into the psychological facets of performance and well-being. Prepare for an engaging talk that transcends boundaries and brings the best of his wisdom to you today. This promises to be a lively and informative session you will want to attend!


Short Bio (64 words):

Roberto Forzoni, a renowned performance psychologist and speaker, elevates teams and individuals to peak performance. With a client list featuring World and Olympic Champions like Andy Murray and seven Premier League football teams, Roberto is a seasoned expert. As a BBC consultant, he's a familiar face on TV and radio networks, offering expert psychological insights. His talks seamlessly blend evidence-based strategies with real-world applications, making them a captivating experience for teams seeking improved performance and well-being.

Medium Bio (98 words):

Meet Roberto Forzoni, a distinguished performance psychologist and keynote speaker with over 25 years of experience. Renowned for his work with World and Olympic Champions, including Andy Murray and seven Premier League football teams, Roberto's impact extends beyond the sports realm. As a BBC consultant, his expertise is regularly featured on TV and radio networks. Notably, he authored the FA Guide to Psychology in Football, served as National Performance Psychology manager for the LTA, and lectured at prestigious universities. Roberto's talks offer a unique blend of evidence-based approaches and practical interventions, making them invaluable for teams that enhance performance and well-being.

Long Bio (144 words):

Roberto Forzoni, a seasoned performance psychologist and captivating keynote speaker, boasts a prosperous career of over 25 years. His client roster reads like a who of elite performers, including World and Olympic Champions such as Andy Murray and seven Premier League football teams. Beyond his consultancy role with the BBC, Roberto is a sought-after expert whose insights grace TV and radio networks globally. Noteworthy achievements include writing the FA Guide to Psychology in Football, serving as the National Performance Psychology manager for the LTA, and lecturing at esteemed universities. Roberto's talks seamlessly integrate evidence-based methodologies with practical interventions, offering organizations a transformative journey towards improved performance and well-being.

Pre-talk questionnairre

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Walk-on music suggestions

Please find attached links to some music Roberto would like to walk on to.

Artist: Black Coffee
Track:   Superman
Artist: Negrocan
Track:   Cada Vez
Artist: Teena Marie
Track:   It must be magic

AV Requirements

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Roberto Brings:

  • A Macbook Pro
  • VGA, DVI, and HDMI dongles
  • Wireless presentation clicker
  • A desktop presentation using Keynote
  • A presentation designed to work on 16X9 screens.

    Roberto Needs:

    • A wireless headset microphone
    • AC power plug to power his laptop
    • A projector (VGA, DVI, or HDMI input.)
    • A speaker system with a mini plug for audio output from the laptop.
    • A confidence monitor

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