From Science to Slam

How an evidenced-based approach can help you feel better and perform better

In this insightful and informative talk, Roberto shares the science behind his hugely successful methods.

Roberto takes you on a journey from rock bottom to leading the world by looking at a three-tier approach – the therapeutic delivery style, the theories, and the application.

Sharing personal experiences from the world of sport, including:

  • How the bad boy of British Judo became a World champion, How a tennis star was ready to give up on dominating world tennis, an
  • How a Premier League team turned their season around against every odd against them

The talk is designed not only to help people facing challenges, with a practical guide on how to navigate and beat those obstacles of life but also how changing the way you think and approach life can have a dramatic and significant impact on health and well-being for you and those around you. 

Who needs this keynote?

  • Organisations that want to transform employee performance and well-being. 
  • Organisations passionate about helping employees who may struggle with life and work stressors
  • People who wish to improve their overall life satisfaction and levels of happiness
  • Companies looking to improve customer satisfaction, reduce employee turnover and increase profitability.

The talk is ideal for any leader, team or individual who wants to know how a practical and proven evidenced-based approach can lead to a combined improvement in productivity & performance whilst at the same time leading to improved overall well-being and health.





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What will attendees learn?

  • They will learn to challenge their thinking patterns and habits to improve their self-esteem and overall life satisfaction.
  • They will learn to improve their confidence, optimism, resilience, and well-being. 
  • They will understand how to develop their passions and focus in life.

There is clear research evidence demonstrating how we think and behave impacts our lives significantly, negatively and positively.

The talk shares some of the most influential and proven methods for flourishing organisations and individuals. 

When it comes to thinking and behaving in ways that enhance, rather than diminish, life satisfaction, well-being and performance, this talk will share some of the most researched and evidenced-based approaches that will improve your life.



Follow Up Activities

  • Staff workshops
  • Leadership sessions
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Resource developments
  • Testing and progress reporting

Organisations often ask to follow up talks with practical workshops and sessions designed to help develop the principles from the talk. 

These personal and professional development sessions will help organisations and team members put the lessons from the talk into practical and sustainable programmes, leading to an improved and more productive future for organisations and team members.

Follow-up activities can include workshops, individual consultations, and leadership sessions. 

All sessions include initial assessments, practical, proven strategies for improvement and well-being enhancement, and feedback and progress reports demonstrating identified needs and progress.