The Laws of Effective Teamwork: A 45-minute Keynote

In whatever we do, we rely on others to help us succeed. This is particularly true in team sports, but it also applies to individual sports and the business world. In this talk, Roberto will share his experiences of working with some of the world’s top performers and teams.

How did one team manage to transform their average point return of 23% to a 78% points return in a season? And how did a performer in an individual sport become successful after a team was built around them? Roberto will answer these questions and share other intriguing stories of his ongoing work in sports and businesses.

Through this fascinating and insightful talk, you will learn how successful transformations occurred and how we can all learn massive lessons from successful examples in elite-level sports. Roberto has worked with Premier League teams, formed Team Murray while helping Andy Murray become the world’s No. 1 tennis player, and helped boxer Derek Chisora approach the biggest fight of his life, the WBC World Heavyweight Championship. He will share stories that can help every performer do better while also improving their mental state and well-being.

Who needs this keynote?

  • Leaders and team members who are looking to improve overall performance and productivity whilst, at the same time, improving well-being. Organisations passionate about helping employees who may struggle with life and work stressors.
  • People who wish to improve their overall life satisfaction and happiness levels.
  • Companies looking to improve customer satisfaction, reduce employee turnover and increase profitability.

The talk is ideal for any leader, team or individual who wants to know how a practical and proven evidenced-based approach can lead to a combined improvement in productivity & performance whilst at the same time leading to improved overall well-being and health.


What will attendees learn?

There are some clear observational practices that successful teams and businesses share. In this talk, you will learn some fundamental and clear principles that elite teams use. These proven, applied, and practical methods will help your groups and businesses feel better and perform better—an excellent combination for any organisation and team member. 







Follow Up Activity

Organisations often ask to follow up talks with practical workshops and sessions designed to help develop the principles from the talk. 

These personal and professional development sessions will help organisations and team members put the lessons from the talk into practical and sustainable programmes, leading to an improved and more productive future for organisations and team members.

Follow-up activities can include workshops, individual consultations, and leadership sessions. 

All sessions include initial assessments, practical, proven strategies for improvement and well-being enhancement, and feedback and progress reports demonstrating identified needs and progress.



The Laws of Effective Teamwork

When I wrote this short book on the Laws of Effective Teamwork, I never expected so many football managers to have it on their office desks!. Chris Powell, whilst managing Charlton Athletic in their promotion year, had highlighted specific quotes and would use one a day for the team!

Here is a download for free.

Downlaod the Laws of Effective Teamwork booklet for free