BBC RadioKent: The Psychology of Olympic Games Performance

Media sport psychology consultant and peak performance consultant, Roberto Forzoni, is invited to speak again with @juliageorge on @bbcradiokent about the psychology of performance at the Olympics. Speaking about Tom Daley achieving Gold, athletics, gymnastics and the pressure of competing. Also, the lack of spectators.

Participants at the Olympics who have worked with performance consultant Roberto Forzoni include:


Ashleigh Nelson: Athletics – women’s 4x100m
Vastly experienced at the highest level, Nelson was selected for her first Olympics in 2008 when she was just 17. She has since been a regular in the 4x100m relay set-up


Ashley McKenzie: Men’s -60kg
Commonwealth champion and two-time European Championship bronze medallist McKenzie competes at his third Olympic Games having made his debut in Londo


Andy Murray: Men’s singles, men’s doubles
Four-time Olympian made history at Rio 2016 when he defended his men’s singles title becoming the first men’s player to win two Olympic gold medals in the singles event. In Tokyo, as well as competing in the singles, Murray will team up with Joe Salisbury in the men’s doubles.

Amidst the global pandemic, athletes are preparing for a delayed Olympic Games a once in a lifetime opportunity for many. With the scare of catching Covid and blocking your appearance. Athletes are on tenterhooks as they carefully prepare their way to the games.

The lack of spectators at this Olympic Games will be unprecedented. This will have an effect on athletes, both negatively and positively.

So how do athletes best prepare? @BBCRadiokent spoke with sports psychologist Roberto Forzoni for some answers.

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