BBC Radio Kent: The social distance dilemma in goal celebrations

Media sport psychology consultant and peak performance consultant, Roberto Forzoni, invited to speak with @BBCRadiokent for an insight into the world of elite performance, psychology of behaviour and performance, well-being and positive mental health.

Delighted to be asked to speak to BBC Three Counties on the subject of footballers and the psychology behind celebrating goals.

In these strange times, where players are asked to go out and play a physical game that requires close contact and a lack o social distances, why are they under fire when it comes to a lack of social distancing in celebrating goals?

Whilst players, teams and clubs continue not only to take every precaution they can (no ore chaning in dressings rooms, showers, eating together etc.) where social distancing and the wearing of masks is being adhered to, and with many players going over and beyond to help local communities, there is a clamour for them to stop celbrating by hugging each other.

I can see the potential for criticism and the solution is easy – simply ask players to celebrate in a socially distanced manner. As with many other social issues, with players and clubs do to try and set examples, I am confident we’ll see this going forward.

Interview with BBC Radio Three Counties

The Social DIstance Diilema with football players celebrating goals

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