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The Laws of Effective teamwork

Our most popular workshop/talk

By far our most popular talk, having been delivered to many Premier League football clubs, alongside a host of other sport and business organisations. This practical and evidenced-based session explores the key components of a successful team. 

Roberto shares his experience working with some of the sports’ elite teams, including teams behind individual sporting successes. The talk outlines key concepts in the area of effective team-work and highlights the importance of using evidence-based principles and strategies.
The session draws on both the latest psychology research, alongside the practical and applied experience of working in some of the toughest sporting environments and competitions.[/cs_

Key outcomes

  • An understanding of why teamwork is so important in any aspect of success and performance.
  • A demonstration of how to clear application of evidenced-based practice will enhance productivity, staff retention and well-being
  • Practical strategies that you can add to your current practices to help enhance team effectiveness.